Thursday, September 3, 2009

Film Screening - "The San Patricos" Sept 12th

Sons of Ireland and Mexico.

Join us Sept 12 for a celebration of the Saint Patrick’s Battalion, a group of Irish and other immigrant American soldiers who changed sides in the Mexican-American War and fought with the Mexican Army against the U.S. invasion of Mexico.

Many of the San Patrick’s Battalion who survived the war were executed, but their sacrifice is celebrated every year in Mexico and Ireland. In and era when the spirit of Internationalism is needed more than ever, come celebrate the struggles one of this first group of internationalists who made common cause with their Mexican brothers and sisters.

WHEN – 4 P.M. Saturday Sept. 12
WHERE – The Progreso Community Center at 478 Allied Drive, Suite 107, Nashville.

A documentary film entitled “The San Patricos” will be shown followed by a discussion. Progressive Historian Howard Zinn calls this film “Absolutely enthralling…. Dynamite material. A superb job.”


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