Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Occupation War Deaths: August 2nd - 8th

In Afghanistan were killed:

Sgt Severin Summers III 43 Fayatteville NC
Cap Ronald Luce Jt 27 Bentonia MS
Tec Anthony Lombardi 21 England
PO Anthony Garcia 21 Tyndall FL
Sgt Jay Hoskins 24 Paris TX
Cpl Christian Rivera 21 Homestead FL
Cpl Travis Babine 20 San Antonio TX
Cpl James Argentine 22 Farmingdale NY
Cpl Kevin Mulligan 26 Scotland
Cpl Dale Hopkins 23 England
Pvt Kyle Adams 21 Wales
Cap Matthew Freeman 29 Richmond Hills GA
Sgt Jerry Evans Jr 23 Eufaula AL
Cpl Dennis Burrow 23 Naples FL
Pvt Jason Williams 23 England
Spc Matthew Swanson 20 Lake Forest CA
Cpl Javier Olvera 20 Palmdale CA
Sgt Tara Smith 33 Nashville NC

90+ Afghanis and Pakistanis were killed.

Was killed in Iraq from Aug 2 to 8:

Pvt Keiffer Wilhelm 19 Plymouth OH
145 Iraqi sisters and brothers were killed.

4331 in Iraq. In Afghanistan 779 US -- 525 Other.



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