Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Occupation War Deaths: August 16th - 22nd

4334 in Iraq. In Afghanistan: 802 US -- 538 Other

Those who died in Iraq from Aug 16 to 22:

Spc Matthew Hastings 23 Claremore OK
Pvt William Vanosdol 23 Pinson AL

245 Iraqi sisters and brothers were killed.

In Afghnistan were killed.

Cpl James Fullerton 24 England
Cpl Louis Carter 19 England
Cpl Simon Annis 22 England
Cpl Nicholas Roush 22 Middleville MI
Sgt William Woods Jr 31 Chesapeake VA
Sgt Jose Crisostomo 59 Inarajan Guam
Cpl Leopold Damas 26 Floral Park NY
Sgt Clayton Bowen 29 San Antonio TX
Pvt Morris Walker 23 Chapel Hill NC
Spc Troy Tom 21 Shirock NM
Pvt Jonathan Vanney 20 Litchfield MN
Sgt adam Benjamin 34 Garfield OH
Spc Paul Dumont Jr 23 Williamsburg VA
Pvt Brian Wolverton 21 Oak Park CA
Pvt Jonathan Young 18 England
Sgt Paul McAleese 29 England
Spc Justin Pellerin 21 Boscawen NH
Sgt Matthew Ingram 25 Pearl MS
Sgt Andrew Lobosco 29 Somerville NJ

182 Afghanis and Pakistanis were killed.

Cf: www.icasualties.org


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