Monday, June 22, 2009

Nashville Peace Festival Draws Hundreds

On Sunday, June 14th hundreds of peace loving folks turned out for the first annual Nashville Peace Festival in Centennial Park. Among those attending was Cindy Sheehan, Nobel Peace nominee, Singer/Songwriter David Rovics and a host of musicians, poets, speakers, and dancers.

Cindy Sheehan Video

Reports from the Peace Festival of attendees were generally positive include the following from CH "There was a wide variety of people there, much more than I had anticipated. I definately would like to say the festival was a "success". It was hot, but there were plenty of food/drink vendors to choose from as well as merchandise vendors. It was really neat and I hope that we can do it again. "

Second Part of Cindy Sheehan Speech

Another report from a coordinator of the event had the following to say, "With all of your help, we took on an very very ambitious undertaking, and, considering the approximately 300 people who showed up, the news coverage that we got, the very nice articles in The Tennessean and the Nashville Free Press, Cindy's very enlightening interview on channel 5's morning show, I would say that we succeeded enormously. Judging from the reports that I have gotten so far, it was a very energizing, motivating and inspiring event, which of course was our intent."

Rose Davis Speaking About Her Trip to Gaza

The number of people who attended was a matter of some dispute, according to one report, "The only thing I would quarrel with for now is the attendance estimate. I think the 300 number was put out by Chris Lugo. JK, who was handling security, estimated that about 1,000 people had come through during the day. I am told that DS, who was helping with the sound equipment, estimated the attendance at 900, and Eliz estimated it at 700. The average of these figures is 725. If you were to take the two extreme figures, throw them out, then average the remaining two, that would be 800. I would be more comfortable saying that between 700 and 800 people attended."

David Rovics performing at the Peace Festival

Regardless of the number, it was agreed that the event was a generally positive event that raised some awareness about the current wars in Iraq, Aghanistan and Pakistan and the need for an end to war and a call for peace. Some peace coalition coordinators even suggested holding the event again next year, hopefully celebrating an end to war and the creation of a department of peace.

The Emancipators Performing at the Peace Festival

Submitted by Chris Lugo of the Nashville Peace Coalition


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