Monday, May 4, 2009

The Truth About Contagious Diseases

by Richard Aberdeen

The truth about contagious diseases is, a viral disease can break out in any so-called "country of origin" that is a result of an outside external transmission of the virus, such as European diseases that wiped out U.S. native populations. Diseases transmitted by European immigrants that destroyed entire native cultures would appear today in the same "real-time" ill-informed media reality, as if native peoples themselves were the "nation of origin".

Since Mexico City and surrounding areas are well-known tourist destinations, it is quite possible (and perhaps even probable) that the outbreak of the "swine flu" in Mexico was a result of it being transmitted by a tourist from a relatively immune population to a population that has less built-up immunities. Thus, the real country of origin could be the United States, Canada, China, France, India, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom or any of hundreds of other countries having tourists visiting Mexico.

The same thing can happen in any nation including our own; citizens in the United States are not immune to certain diseases that populations of other nations are relatively immune to and, neither are citizens in China or the Middle East immune to certain diseases we and the citizens of Mexico might be relatively immune to. Even close populations can have some immunities that neighboring populations don't have, which could explain why the current outbreak has not caused deaths in the United States the same way it did in Mexico (at least, so far).

A contagious disease could just as well go the other direction, where a transmitted disease would appear to "break out" here in the United States (as it did during the time of Columbus), possibly being caused by a tourist from China, India, Germany or some other foreign population and, be more harmful to citizens here in the United States than to even close-proximity neighbors in Mexico and Canada.

These right-wing radio nutcases are truly uneducated ner-do-wells of the worst kind, spreading around lies that are totally erroneous at face value, to anyone familiar at all with the truth regarding contagious diseases. It is no wonder that native Americans and African-Americans have suffered so severely at the hands of similar right-wing hate mongers.

Anybody who doesn't understand that disease is by-and-in-large, a total crapshoot, doesn't belong on the public airwaves giving advice to listeners of similar baseless superstitions. As a final historical sidenote, some historians suspect that diseases that were extremely detrimental to many American native populations were transmitted by, you guessed it, herds of pigs that explorers took along with them as a food supply along the trail. In other words, what killed off native populations could literally have been, a form of "swine flu" that European immigrants were immune to, because unlike native populations, they had built up immunities for centuries living in close proximity to their herds of pigs.

Thank You, Sincerely
Richard Aberdeen
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