Friday, May 15, 2009

Nashville Green Heading to Gaza

Native Nashvillean is a part of a UN delegation to the Gaza Strip

Rose Davis of the Green Party of Middle Tennessee is participating in a trip organized by the US-based peace group CODEPINK into the Gaza Strip via Egypt from May 28-June 5. She will travel at the invitation of the United Nations Relief and Words Agency (UNRWA) as UN delegates. Their focus will be on the children of Gaza.

In March , a 60-person CODEPINK delegation traveled to Gaza to pay tribute on International Women's Day to sorely neglected mothers, daughters, sisters, and wives who are struggling to hold their families together. They asked CODEPINK to please return with the purpose of giving much needed attention to the children.

At least 431 Palestinian children (and no Israeli children) were killed during the Dec. 27-Jan 18 Israeli assault on the Gaza Strip. 1,872 were wounded. Children make up more than half (56%) of Gaza's population, and this next generation- who will help decide the future of the region- is struggling with extraordinarily high rates of malnutrition, homelessness, depression, and PTSD. An estimated 1,346 Gazan children were left without one or more of their parents as a result of the Israeli assault. Many are in the hospital suffering devastating injury from the 22 days of bombings. The people of Gaza face shortages of water, electricity , food, medicine, heat, fuel, and shelter. Over 100,000 people have been displaced from their homes. According to the United Nations, "Children are hungry, cold.....they're terrified."

The plan is to enter Gaza for five days. The March delegation was allowed entry for 48 hours only. There is always the possibility that the Egyptian government won't let us cross the border- in fact, many individuals and delegations have been denied entry. In that case , they plan to set up an encampment near the border to call attention to the need to open the borders and end the siege of Gaza.

Rose's group will be meeting with UN program staff, humanitarian and development agencies, teachers, students, health workers and political analysts . They will visit areas devastated by Israeli attacks. They will be taking a truckload of at least a thousand backpacks filled with school and art supplies, and toys to the children, and provide emotional support. They will also attempt to bring in supplies to build three playgrounds.

The purpose of the trip is to provide support to the children and children's organizations in Gaza: exert pressure on U.S. , Egyptian and Israeli governments to lift the blockade and promote peace, reconstruction, and human rights in the region.

Contributions may be made through the web site

Rose said that she hopes to raise awareness of this expedition, as Americans have only recently been allowed any entrance into the region. She will be available for interviews before and after the trip , and progress reports during the expedition.

For more information contact:

Rose Crockett Davis


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is good that Ms Davis got to see the result of demonization and wall-building between people. Perhaps it will assist her personal insights into her own impact upon this world, and what she may wish to do differently. Perhaps she may come to understand her own role in demonizing and attempting to isolate other humans and the deep negative effect of such actions.

July 17, 2009 at 2:20 AM  
Anonymous rose davis said...

Thank you , anonymous, for your comment. I wish you would attempt to explain what you mean when you say that by going to Gaza, I may come to understand role I play in "demonizing and attempting to isolate other humans and the deep negative effects of such actions." I truly do not understand what you could possibly mean, as do not demonize people. I do not isolate other humans. There are those how I may choose not to socialize with. I am not prejudice against those of different ethnicity or race or religion, or gender. It would have been better if you had stated you name, and since you chose not to, your decision is a cowardly one, as you are accusing me of some injustice and I have no one to answer to, although I suspect I know who wrote this. Be brave and state your name. I promise I will not call the cops on you or demonize you. Although I may not want to see you, or spend time with you. If you have physically abused me in the past- only one person- yes, I have demonized you in the past because you were acting in evil ways and the only way I isolated you was "from me".

January 20, 2010 at 4:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Those with the least information have the strongest opinions. Hamas/Israel is complex problem lacking simple solution. Often true in personal human situations as well. The broader and less opinionated the perspective, the more likely solutions can be detected. Hard opinions about a people or a person restrict insight. All fall short, and little changes. Positive change only happens when people rest their opinions and consider possibilities. My 2 cent opinion.

July 13, 2010 at 8:24 AM  

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