Thursday, May 21, 2009

Metro Acquires New Land for Parks

Metro Parks acquires 380-acre farm for Madison’s Peeler Park

Madison is well on its way to having a beautiful new addition to Peeler Park. Located at the end of Neely’s Bend Rd, Peeler Park is already Madison’s best kept secret. The park already has 269 gorgeous acres, complete with walking trails and greenways. The president of the Madison-Rivergate Chamber of Commerce, Councilman Jim Forkum, worked with Mayor Karl Dean and Metro Parks to acquire a 380-acre tract of land adjacent to Peeler Park which is currently known as the Taylor Farm. The farm was purchased by Metro Parks as a land acquisition with part of the Capital Spending Plan. Once the plan passes the farm will then belong to the city of Nashville.

Councilman Forkum, who is on Metro’s Greenway Commission, has been very passionate about developing this land for public enjoyment for quite some time. The Taylor Farm makes the perfect addition to Peeler Park, with its beautiful flat bottoms as well as rolling hills. The farm also contains the home in which the Taylor family lived that will someday be transformed into a nature center or welcome center. It is Councilman Forkum’s dream to see the citizens of Madison enjoying the nature center as well as walking trails and possibly a mountain bike trail. In order for this dream to be realized, the park must be included on the Greenway Master Plan and funding must also be secured. Once these two items are met, Madison will have a wonderful, safe space to play, relax, and enjoy nature. Thank you, Councilman Forkum, Mayor Dean, and Metro Parks for giving our community this beautiful gift!

Ashley Bright
Administrative Assistant
Madison-Rivergate Area Chamber of Commerce
(615)865-5400; (615)865-0448 (fax)


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