Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Iraqi War Casualties: May 3rd - 9th

Those who died in Iraq from May 3 to 9:

Spc Jeremiah McCleery 24 Portola CA
Spc Jake Velloza 22 Inverness CA
Spc Shawn Sykes 28 Portsmouth VA
Pvt Justin Hartford 21 Elmira NY
Sgt Randy Agno 29 Pearl City HI
Spc Omar Albrak 21 Chicago IL

10 were seriously wounded.
5 were returned to occupation.
88 Iraqi sisters and brothers were killed.

In Afghanistan were killed:

Cpl Sergei Motz 21 Germany
Sgt William Vile 27 Philadelphia PA
Cpl Sean Binnie 22 UK
Pvt Adrian Sheldon 25 UK
Sgt Ben Ross 34 UK
Cpl Kumar Pun 31 UK

416 Afghanis and Pakistanis were killed.

Cf: www.icasualties.org


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