Friday, May 29, 2009

Health Care Rally May 30th

Advocates for Government-Paid Health Care
Will Stage Nashville Rally Saturday, May 30

Advocates for government-paid (single-payer) health care will rally Saturday (May 30) in front of the Blue Cross-Blue Shield offices at the corner of West End and 32 Avenues. The event will start at noon and end at 1.

Dr. Carol Paris, one of the physicians recently arrested in Washington for protesting the U. S. Senate’s refusal to consider the single-payer option, will address the rally.

With its slogan of “Our Lives Are Worth More Than Their Profits,” the rally will argue that insurance companies and other for-profit enterprises both infect the quality and inflate the cost of American health care.

“If government-paid health care works for our active military and our veterans,” says rally organizer Warren Duzak, “it can work for the rest of us.” Duzak is also a member of Middle Tennessee Veterans for Peace. "A society that spends almost $50 billion a year on pet care,” he adds, “cannot claim that health care for humans is not affordable.”

Also appearing at the rally will be Dr. Arthur J. Sutherland III of Memphis, the Tennessee Coordinator of PNHP.

Rally organizers chose the Blue Cross-Blue Shield offices because that insurance company has embarked on a nationwide campaign to discredit the single-payer system. Both the Washington Post and Media Matters have reported details of that campaign.

For more information, contact Edward Morris at 385-1626.


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