Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Restore Justice

Restore Justice for Politically Motivated Prosecutions
A Campaign

Under the Bush administration, the Justice Department was driven by
ideology, and prosecutions were often used to settle scores and
intimidate the opposition. In fact, the GOP, under the direction of Karl
Rove, used the DoJ to target political enemies including Democratic
contributors and those who were a threat to GOP electoral gains and big
business interests. The Department was used as an arm of the White House
to destroy these Democrats. This political profiling resulted in the
criminal prosecution of many on the enemies list, including Alabama
Governor Don Siegelman and trial lawyer Paul Minor.

Barack Obama and Eric Holder promised to return justice to the Justice
Department and free the department from politics. We are now insisting
that that promise be fulfilled by righting the wrongs of political
profiling and prosecutions under the previous administration. We call on
Attorney General Holder to immediately vacate the convictions of
Siegelman and Minor, to investigate and identify others who have been
politically prosecuted, and to vacate their convictions. Political
profiling, like racial profiling, is wrong; when it results in a
criminal prosecution, it constitutes prosecutorial misconduct. Our
letter to AG Holder, endorsed by organizations representing hundreds of
thousands of citizens and signed by many patriotic Americans, makes
clear that Mr. Holder must act quickly to restore justice at the
Department of Justice.

We ask other organizations to sign on to this campaign by sending an
email to Individuals can
sign on here:


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