Sunday, April 5, 2009

Report on TN Green Party

Informal Report on Annual Meeting
by Trish Adams

Our state meeting weekend began with a small reception at my house on Friday night. A few Knoxville Greens were in attendance to welcome our Chattanooga guests, Mike Bascom and his friend, Ruby. After a brief reception, we attended a local art reception for a Save the Ta-Tas project to raise breast cancer awareness and money for breast cancer treatment. The Green Party was well represented with Greens and GP friends providing models, artists, attendees, donors, and entertainers. One of the highlights of the evening was a magnificent dance performance by Knoxville Green Party member Maria Kateri McGuire.

Saturday began with a community creek clean-up. The Knoxville Green Party has adopted a particular urban stream which we clean on a regular basis. As part of a county wide clean-up effort, Greens along with a numerous community volunteers cleaned this area again yesterday. The Green Party was well represented with banners and members at the check-in table.

Our business meeting was conducted at 2 pm at Barley’s Taproom and Pizzeria. Eighteen Greens and friends were in attendance. We were entertained by Knoxville musician, Robert Quiggle. Rob played a new instrument which is a charango and guitar combo. Some of the attendees at the meeting accompanied Rob for a few songs-Ken Frasure (bass) and Brad Wiksten (drum). To view Rob playing his charango, please check out After some socializing, entertainment, and appetizers, the business portion of the meeting convened. Howard Switzer served as facilitator. Lots of important business was concluded along with many critical decisions for the state party. Again, the minutes for the meeting will be distributed later.

After a pizza buffet and the distribution of various door prizes donated by Mike Bascom, the meeting concluded at approximately 7 pm. Overnight guests were given a tour of the future home of the Knoxville Green Party’s office and intern housing. Free Land and Marty Pleasant led the tour which concluded at my house. An evening party entertained us into the wee hours with various Greens and friends stopping by. The highlight of this evening was an impromptu performance of an original song by Howard Switzer and Katey Culver.

This morning brought a beautiful day to Knoxville and a rejuvenation of my hope for the Tennessee Green Party and the planet as a whole. Being with fellow Greens and seeing our impact in our local communities, state, country, and world are perhaps the most important business we conduct when we convene for our annual meetings. Even if you were unable to physically attend the meeting, I hope the positive energy we felt in Knoxville finds you wherever you may be.


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