Friday, April 24, 2009

Nashville Scientology Protest May 2nd

East Coast Anonymous Joins in Protest of Cult Expansion in Nashville.

Nashville Anonymous protests the expansion of the Church of Scientology in Nashville by hosting a regional protest. The Anonymous collective will converge on the site of the Nashville Celebrity Centre Ideal Org, slated to open April 25th at the Falls School Business Center. Anonymous from Washington DC, St. Louis, Colorado, Maryland and throughout the Southeast will participate in this important event to raise awareness of the dangers of the cult of Scientology.

This is a critical time for Nashville. The Church of Scientology has publicly announced intentions to expand in the area, and has purchased a grand new home to that end.[1] Nashville-based protesters have joined with critics from other areas to respond by informing residents of the cult’s criminal history, and their persistent disregard for the concerns and well-being of their neighbors.

In Clearwater, Florida, where the cult has its largest stronghold, downtown is dominated by Scientology. When they first arrived in the 70’s under an assumed name, they literally came with plans to take over the town. The FBI’s 1977 raid on Scientology offices revealed a number of nefarious operations intended to assert control of Clearwater, legitimize the church, and silence criticism.[2] One operation, “Project Normandy”, called for the collection of information on designated targets, information which would be used to “penetrate and handle [the targets] in order to establish control.” Despite the exposure of these plans, and attempts to halt them, the cult exercises enormous influence over the city today.[3]

Clearwater is the most dramatic and shocking example of the kind of influence that the Church of Scientology can attain, but it is not the only one.[4] On May 2nd, Anonymous will bring attention to these and other abuses by the Scientology organization through public protest and distribution of informational flyers and critical resources. Both the curious and the critical are welcome to attend.

The protest will take place Saturday May 2nd at noon at the intersection of 8th Ave. South and Edgehill. For more information, please visit or contact


For more information about the cult of Scientology:


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