Monday, March 23, 2009

Embryo Act Bans All But Married

The Embryo Donation and Adoption Act officially joins the list of, for
lack of a better term,Banning Bills this session. This legislation,
sponsored by Rep. Joey Hensley (R), Howenwald, will be debated Tuesday
9:15 AM CDT, in House Family Justice Subcommittee.

The bill would allow only straight, married couples to an embryo for
transfer to the adoptive birth mother. This can get pretty
complicated given the number of reasons why or how one chooses invitro
as a way to have a child. The passage of this bill would prevent
others from using this option in building their families.

There are other nuances to this legislation that are curious. Again,
trying to avoid too much legalese, the child born from the embryo must
be legally classified as adopted BUT the parents do not have to adopt
the child.


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