Sunday, February 15, 2009

United Progressive New Action Center

Nashville Based United Progressives Introduces New Action Center

Members who, despite the promises and hope presented by the inauguration of Barack Obama, still believe that there is work to do to advance progressive causes may be interested to know that you can organize both locally and nationally now through our newly established Action Center.

You'll find a link in the top right hand corner of the page of our website,, called "Sit-ins, Protests, Shoe Throwings, Flag Burnings, Polite Discussions." Registered members of United Progressives may exclusively post their events here.

If you follow the link alone, without logging in, you will see what is available to the public. The public may view the listed events as they are published, according to several categories that represent major political issues that concern progressives, such as health care, gay rights, war and peac issues, etc.

A couple of examples, A Charlottesville, VA, health care forum, and the Winter Soldier Hearings in Austin, TX, have already been added. A comment section is beneath each event listing that will enable people to ask questions or add useful information about related activities.

In addition, we've added a Download section, which you can find on the right sidebar under Additional Resources, where you can Download Flyers and the new combo flyer/business card we took to Washington DC with us.

We hope you will be pleased with these additions. We will be adding further features and upgrading to both our membership community, and programs that will help us advance United Progressives and build our membership. The Action Center software is still in beta by the developers and has some limitations and quirks, but things are moving ahead rather quickly, and we expect good things soon. Look forward to future notices about this.

Paul Barrow
Co-Director/ Policy and Communications

United Progressives
44 Music Square East
Nashville, TN 37203


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