Friday, February 6, 2009

Tennessee Rally for Fair Wages

Senator Corker (R-Tenn) was happy to give $700 billion to Wall Street, but when America’s auto workers needed a bridge loan, Corker demanded deep cuts in pay and benefits for thousands of middle-class families. Why doesn’t Corker support America’s working families like he supports Wall Street? Good jobs with fair pay and benefits are the backbone of Tennessee’s economy. Slashing the income of middle-class families hurts us all. Tennessee’s 110,000 auto industry jobs are at stake, as well as livelihoods of countless other car dealers, repair shops, suppliers, and their families. In these difficult times, we need leaders who will work for the middle class – not try to score cheap political points. We’re proud of the hardworking union members around the country who make and sell American automobiles. We’re not the problem; we’re the solution.

Thursday, February 12, 2009
Tennessee Rally for Fair Wages
Legislative Plaza on 6th Ave. N. and Charlotte
301 6th Avenue North
Nashville, TN
Invited Guest: Hon. Harold Ford

Join workers, Tennessee State Representatives, and union leaders
as we deliver thousands of handwritten letters to Sen. Corker protesting
his lack of support for America’s autoworkers and this community.


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