Saturday, February 7, 2009

Funeral for TN Higher Education

Gather with other students, staff, faculty, and allies to protest the death of higher education! This event is taking place outside of Governor Bredesen's State of the State Address. There will be a choir, "eulogies," and a candlelight vigil at sunset. There are teams building coffins for TBR and THEC schools for the event. Please wear black funeral attire and bring a candle. Signs are welcome, and you may even want to bring a sign in the shape of a gravestone!

Here is the agenda for the evening: *3:00-4:00 Meet at 1203 9th Ave North. There is ample parking.
*4:00-4:30 March to the Capitol.
*4:30-5:30 "Funeral" with song and eulogies for the death of higher education in the state of Tennessee.
*5:30 The group will move inside to witness Governor Bredesen's State of the State Address.

Gather at 15th Avenue Baptist Church and March to The Capitol
1203 9th Ave North (starting point)
Nashville, TN
Contact Info Phone:

***A list of demands to be met by TBR, THEC, the Governor, and the legislature must meet in the formulation and implementation of policy that will effect TBR and THEC students, staff, and faculty. These will be released shortly.
To join the conversation at the level of decision-making, we ask that you visit , and join the email list.

Together, we can push for policy to be implemented that benefits -- rather than compromises -- all of our interests.


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