Monday, February 23, 2009

Fair & Balanced

by Richard Aberdeen

A fair and balanced perspective of the conservative Republican agenda, after Fox Noise, Limbaugh Lunacy and other deceptive political puff language is peeled back and exposed...

1. Spend as many tax dollars as possible on anything related to the military, including massive nuclear and worse weaponry stockpiles, space laser death-ray machines, expensive airplanes and ships that have no use whatsoever for the past, present or foreseeable future and similar such "proper use" of taxpayer funds. Cut back on federal funding for fire and police protection but support funding for building more prisons, as long as they are run by private companies and feed prisoners green baloney sandwiches, if they're lucky.

2. Take as much of the people's hard earned tax funds as possible away from the people and give away as much as possible to big banks, insurance companies, military contractors, pharmaceutical giants in the guise of Medicare "reform", etc. Remember it was the Bush Administration's idea to bail out the banks, not the Democrats, who only went along for the green baloney sandwich ride as the knee-jerk, spineless hypocrites they have long demonstrated themselves to be.

3. Give away as much of the taxpayer's loot as possible by privatizing as many publicly funded programs that can't be outright eliminated, as is politically feasible, including Social Security, Medicare, prisons, schools, toll bridges and private sector military auxiliary companies supplying goods and services formerly handled within the military itself. Pretend to care that no child is left behind, but oppose any use of taxpayer funds to repair and build schools, highways and bridges. Continue to pretend, in spite of the current economic disaster, that giving tax breaks to the super-wealthy will cause the economy to prosper, rather than force millions into bankruptcy. Blame the Democrats, as federal aid for education and health care is reduced as a result of these tax cuts and sales, gasoline, state income and other taxes are increased.

4. Keep the nation constantly engaged in war and more than one war when possible. This serves to continually enhance the bulging coffers of corporate cronies who in turn, pay large political bribes to keep conservative Republicans in office. Fight to have FCC regulations narrowed and eliminated, so whatever the general public hears in the media is controlled by large corporate interests, with everything to gain by supporting the conservative Neo-con lock-step agenda and everything to lose by allowing free and open discussion and debate.

5. Destroy unions and the right of workers to freely organize and thus, keep the vast majority of people as hungry and poor as possible. Thus, they can be exploited for ever lower wages, longer work days and no holiday, vacation, sick pay, health care or retirement benefits. And, get rid of those cumbersome pesky work-safety and consumer protection laws as much as politically feasible; don't let the government tell private companies that they can't sell tainted meat, bogus medicine, engage in shoddy construction practices and freely injure workers at will. After all, work safety and building code regulations are an unnecessary burden on the corporate bottom-line.

6. Pretend to believe in free markets, but don't hesitate to build a wall to interfer with the free flow of labor reacting to the markets or, to make laws that prevent labor from freely organizing. After all, conservative Republicans don't actually believe in freedom regarding the labor side of the 'free' market equation and, they especially don't believe in the free market when corporations need to be bailed out and otherwise, need helpful legislation passed to prevent the labor side of the so-called "free" market, from freely organizing.

7. Invoke God's name whenever possible to justify any and all actions; brand people who disagree with the conservative Republican agenda on even one jot or tittle, as "godless liberal, socialist, atheist, far-left kooks". Just because the U.S. Constitution begins with "we the people" and thus, the people are the government, that doesn't mean that the people who are the government can actually be trusted to know what's best for them. That would be sending a counter-productive message that conservatives actually believe in democracy, which Lord knows, is as far from reality as the east is from the west.

Richard Aberdeen
Freedom Tracks Records
615-889-1669 - 800-992-8084
707 Ward Street - Nashville, TN 37207


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