Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Phil Valentine Pollution Distortion

Tennessee right-wing radio enthusiast Phil Valentine has declared me beyond redemption and downgraded me from being a Socialist to a Communist. I suppose other than being a preacher, congressman or media pundit, that's about as low as one can get. He said "god help us" if my kind ever takes control of the country, so I guess I've fallen even farther down the shit-list than Barack Obama.

I saw Hannity a while back whith his cheeks all puffed out and smoke coming out of both ears and nostrils in utter frustration, that he couldn't get even one of his right-wing guests to agree with him that Obama is part of the crooked Illinois political machine. I really don't think these good ol' white boys have gotten over the fact that an African-American has been legitimately elected president. I think that is what's really at the core of their hate-filled daily diatribes, that a, god forbid, "colored" person has gained the presidency and, he didn't even have to steal it like King George the Little and his crooked neo-convict political machine did. I think in their eyes, the only thing worse than the president being an African-American is someone like Obama, who is of mixed "mongrel" descent and has a desert peoples "terrorist"-sounding name to boot.

It reminds me of when the McCarthyites used to call Pete Seeger a communist and he would say, "thank you for the compliment". Seeger and other such commies like Bob Dylan went on to receive Kennedy Center honor awards, which are given to citizens in consideration for having contributed significantly through the arts to the positive enlightenment of American society. I recently saw a historical television program where Seeger was called one of the most influential voices for human rights in the 20th Century, which is absolutely historically accurate.

Wonder where Phil Valentine will fit into the greater historical picture of things. Saint Valentine and Valentine's Day Massacre are already taken, so I guess he'll have to find his own niche; I don't see any Kennedy Center honors on the horizon for him in the immediate future, but who can so for sure? Perhaps instigator of the second American violent revolution, sort of like if Paul Revere jumped on his horse and rode back-asswards from sea to once shining sea, until there is no one left to argue with except a few white-hooded right-wing fanatics carrying their burning crosses of hatred and intolerance.

Whatever happened to poor ol' Joe McCarthy anyway; it seems like his name has gone down in infamy similar to Junior Bushwhacker and Total Prick Cheney. One hardly hears mention of McCarthy at all anymore, sort of like some disease-infested cockroach who was finally swept under the slime-ball manifest destiny carpet for good...

America Never Will - a sign-off anthem for Phil Valentine & Company

Richard Aberdeen
Freedom Tracks Records
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Phil Valentine is a coward. He hides behind a mic behind locked doors. What a punk!

October 25, 2009 at 10:26 AM  
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March 9, 2010 at 3:21 PM  

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