Wednesday, January 28, 2009

New Media on TVA Coal Disaster

On December 22nd at 1:10am a coal ash dam breached, release over 300 billion gallons of coal ash sludge into the Emory river, knocking one house off of its foundation and leaving several people homeless. Although no one was killed in the accident, it released hundreds of thousands of tons of coal ash into the upper Tennessee river watershed. Coal ash contains several hazardous heavy elements including arsenic that are feared to be leaching into the watershed that provides drinking water to literally millions of people. David Grace is an independent journalist and audio producer who has been documenting the TVA Coal disaster for the past several weeks.

For more information please visit:
Single Payer for the Victims of the TVA
Raising Money for the TVA Medical Tests
Jon Elliot Discusses Kingston, TN Dam Collapse


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