Sunday, November 2, 2008

Interview with Dan Scott

Interview With Dan Scott - District 52 Independent
By Jon Davidson

I became curious about Dan Scott, Independent candidate
against Democrat lawyer-lobbyist Mike Stewart for the 52nd District
State House seat, so I called him on a Saturday night and talked for
over an hour. I guess that means that he is highly accessible. I found
him to be very personable, a good listener who expressed his views
frankly and concisely.

Q: Please describe your views.
Dan Scott: I am a pro-life, pro-family candidate. I am opposed to
the income tax. The state has plenty of money. It just needs to be spent
more wisely. I favor home schooling, and a return to basics in the
school system. I support the rights of gun owners, and feel that
government has become too powerful.

Q: Please describe your background.
Dan Scott: Well, I have enjoyed some small measure of what you might
call success in my life. I have been married for some 30 years to the
sweetest woman in the world. I was co-owner of a business employing
about 20 people for many years. I have done all this without a college
education. I think that there's too much emphasis on college nowadays.
Once a person learns to read, they can learn anything else.

Q: Why are you not running as a Republican?
Dan Scott: I wanted the votes of conservative pro-life Democrats, and I
wanted to be judged by my opinions and not by a party label.

Q: Why are you not campaigning?
Dan Scott: I wanted a Christian pro-family candidate to vote for so
I filed a nominating petition, but upon prayer and reflection I decided
that I could better serve Jesus Christ by working to be a better
Christian in my own daily life.


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