Friday, September 19, 2008

Knoxville's LGBITQ Heritage

For Immediate Release

Knoxville's LGBT Heritage To (finally) Be Preserved
(Knoxville, TN) After many years of great strides by the LGBT community
in Knoxville, it is time to preserve for permanent record the people,
places, events and heritage for the future generations. Former Pride and
Rainbow Community Awareness Project Director,
Gary Elgin is about to produce and host a monthly video project (much
like the Charlie Rose-PBS model) that will do just that- Put these
valuable pieces of his/herstory on record. The finished programs will be
played on Knoxville's local Community Television station, as well as on
the web and donated to both UT and the McClung Museum's LGBT Archives.
Volunteers are currently being sought for every aspect, especially the
technical side. There will be approximately 20 shows filmed per season.
The series is titled: The Lavender Table. Production is set to begin
late this Autumn.
Gary Elgin can be contacted at


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