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Know Nuclear in the TN Valley

SEP 27 Know Nuclear in the TN Valley

When: Saturday, 11:30am - 6pm, September 27
Where: Keathley University Center, MTSU Campus Murfreesboro, TN

Know Nuclear in the TN Valley is an opportunity for community leaders, environmental advocates, and concerned citizens to learn more about nuclear waste and the nuclear industry in Tennessee. Registration for the half-day seminar begins 11:30am and the program begins at noon, Saturday September 27. It will be held in Room 322 of Keathley University Center on the MTSU campus in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. A $10 registration fee payable at the door covers the cost of refreshments and seminar handouts. Students with id cards are free.

The seminar will cover nuclear waste processing, burning, and dumping in TN; the storage and transport of high level nuclear waste generated in our state; and the concerns for TVA's current nuclear power program. Its purpose is to inform concerned citizens about the need to stop generating nuclear wastes and to responsibly manage the nuclear wastes we already have.

Three panels of community, regional, and national activists will speak to these concerns.

• The nuclear industry and the Department of Energy are using Tennessee as an unlicensed nuclear waste dump. A panel will describe the import of nuclear waste into Tennessee from across the nation and world; how nuclear waste is getting into our county and city landfills; what Nuclear Fuel Services is doing in Jonesborough, TN; and how Memphis continues to be a watchdog for low-income communities living near two companies that process so-called low-level nuclear waste, as well as their victory is stopping a nuclear waste incinerator from coming to downtown Memphis.

• The nuclear industry is allowed to continue to make nuclear waste even when we have no way to manage it. A panel will describe why nuclear waste storage of irradiated fuel next to nuclear reactors pose such a serious threat to nearby communities and the risks of transporting high level nuclear waste.

• TVA has reentered a massive nuclear power plant construction campaign. A panel will describe the public health risks of TVA's current operating plants and the growing opposition to the proposed Bellefonte nuclear plant and new plant construction around the Southeast.

After each panel, small groups will identify what they have learned and next-step strategies. Participants will be given a notebook of brief summaries of the panel presentations and other background information.

Confirmed sponsors for Know Nuclear in the TN Valley include MTSU Students for Environmental Action, Bellefonte Efficiency and Sustainability Team, Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League, Defense Depot Memphis TN Concerned Citizens Committee, ENDIT (End Nuclear Dumping in TN), Erwin Citizens Awareness Network, Memphis Sierra Club Environmental Justice Program, National Sierra Club Radiation Committee, Nuclear Information and Resource Service, Solar Valley Coalition, Southern Alliance for Clean Energy, Southern Energy Network, TN Chapter Sierra Club, TN Environmental Council, and We the People.

Google Keathley University Center, MTSU for map directions. The seminar is in room 322 of student center.

For more information, please contact Louise Gorenflo at or 931-484-2633.


Blogger tmj99 said...


Families for a Clean Tennessee released a video reinforcing a poll conducted by Insider Advantage. The poll uncovered that more than 80% of voters oppose dumping nuclear waste in ordinary commercial landfills.

The poll also uncovered the following:

* 90% believe nuclear waste should be disposed of in long-term isolation facilities.
* More than 75% of likely voters-both Democrats and Republicans-- are more likely to support a candidate for Governor that is opposed to nuclear dumping and the BSFR program.
* Nearly 60% are more likely to support a legislative candidate that is opposed to nuclear dumping and the BSFR program.
* More than 50% have stated they would actively work for the election of any candidate from either party that opposes the dumping of nuclear waste in Tennessee landfills.
* More than 50% support Senate Bill 687, and more than 60% are more likely to vote for candidates that support Senate Bill 687.
* 63.5% believe that under no circumstance should nuclear waste be dumped in Tennessee.

A copy of the poll has been sent to every legislator in Tennessee along with a pledge asking them to support ending the practice of Bulk Survey for Release.


October 12, 2009 at 8:17 AM  
Blogger tmj99 said...

Families for a Clean Tennessee are very concerned about this latest development: DOE wants to ship low-level radioactive waste to an Anderson County landfill from a closed plutonium extraction plant in New York. See the news article at: Equivalent to 200 dump truck loads of waste! We must act now. To support this effort call Senator Tim Burchette at 615-741-1766 now! Tell him you are opposed to accepting New York’s nuclear waste in our backyard! Visit our website for more ways you can help combat this activity at

October 12, 2009 at 1:18 PM  

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