Friday, August 1, 2008

Getting the Government's Attention

By Robert N Smith

I don't care what your beef is with government, be it local, state or national, protests and online petitions are not changing anything. Part of this I wrote in response to an e-mail about a young man with cancer who is about to loose his medical coverage. Could be about any other beef anyone has with the system today. I am calling not for a national strike but something totaly legal, constitutional and effective. Something I don't hear anyone else saying anything about. Something so old it's new.

We will get it, only with a revelation. Our bought and paid for Congress is fully in the hands of big business, and big insurance is part of that. Screw the people, profit comes before anything. Even the lives of our children. What we need is for everybody to tie up government for a couple of weeks. Go and get everyone you know to go and petition for redress of grievances. In other words, if you can, go to Washington and surround the capitol and White House with people who one by one demand to see and give their grievances to their represenitives. Those who can't can go, tie up the local reps' offices in the same way. If enough of us do it, we will shut down everything by taking grievances for at least a week. Then tell them either do something or find another job.
It would work and it's in the Constitution so nobody could say it's illegal. Just think 2,000,000 people standing in line, handing their Senators and Reps. a petition for redress of grievences, and then getting back in line to hand them something else. Think of the thousands standing in line at the state capitol or a local office to hand their petitions and get back in line to protest something else. Not a few representitives of a protest group or some spokesperson, but individuals saying we're mad as hell and we won't take it any more. Do you think the people in government might wake up and think about who they are working for? How about some feedback from the groups pushing for ending the war, those pushing for impeachment, those pushing for health insurance and those who want something done to bring down the cost of oil? Sept. or Oct. sounds like a good time to do this. Anyone else?


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