Thursday, July 3, 2008

Nielson Performs for Greens Benefit

Award Winning Folk Musician Performs in Nashville for Green Party Candidates

On Saturday June 28th, Tom Neilson an award winning folk musician did a benefit performance for Green Party candidates Christopher Lugo, U.S. Senate candidate, and John Miglietta, U.S. House candidate 5th district. The fundraiser took place at the home of Eric and Beth Lewis 7978 Highway 100 in Nashville. The event started with a potluck and the musical performance started at 7:00 PM. Tom Neilson has been described as the Jon Stewart of folk music. He has won numerous awards including the 2007 South Florida folk festival, he was a finalist at the 2008 Plowshares, and 2006 Kerrville Folk festivals.

The crowd enjoyed the food and the performance and they were very excited about the candidates. Nielson encouraged crowd participation and gave prizes of cassettes and plastic beads for correct answers to questions about country club prisons and Tom Ridge. Favorite numbers included "All Because I voted for Ralph Nader" and "Root Beer Makes Me Burp" (accompanied by Chris Lugo).

Lugo and Miglietta are running campaigns which focus on ending the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq as well as advocating single-payer healthcare, environmental sustainability, developing alternative energy, electoral reform, and fair trade among other issues. More can be found at their respective websites Chris Lugo, John Miglietta,


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