Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Tibet Benefit

*Know Tibet, From Knowledge to Compassion, Compassion to Action*, is an event for adults and children alike with music, dance, stories of life as a Tibetan exile and educational exhibits. Proceeds benefit Tibetan exile students in India through Tibetan Children's Villages and Project Giving Justice. Participants will hear traditional Tibetan songs, hear about Tibetan culture, religion and the story of the oppression suffered by Tibetans as told through narration and modern dance. Educational exhibits in the lobby will offer glimpses into Tibetan culture and religion, and at the More than Warmth -- stitching quilts, creating compassion exhibit, participants will be able to contribute images to quilts to be sent to Tibetan children in need.

This event is a collaboration between Blue Moves Modern Dance Company,
Global Education Center and One Human Race 4 Justice -- people of many
different religious faiths and backgrounds working together for human
rights, understanding and compassion.
Know Tibet
A benefit for Tibetan Refugee Children*
Sunday, June 1st
Father Ryan High School Theater
700 Norwood Dr., Nashville
Exhibits open at 1 p.m.
Performance 2 p.m.

Suggested donation, $10 adults, $5 children or $20 for a family.

Please make plans to attend this event, and share this information with your
friends, family and coworkers. Sharing Tibetan culture, arts and helping
refugees is an important step in helping to preserve the beautiful and
unique Tibetan way of life.

On Sunday, June 1st at Father Ryan High School Theater, Blue Moves Modern
Dance Company, Global Education Center and One Human Race 4 Justice will
offer a performance to inform, entertain and inspire adults and children
alike about Tibetan culture and society. The event will feature music,
dance, speakers and educational and interactive exhibits.

Singer/songwriter and former resident of Nepal and Thailand, Shanna
Underwood, will share songs of peace.

Drummer, percussionist and songwriter Kirby Shelstad will perform and share
some information about Tibetan Buddhism,

Blue Moves will perform "Breaking the Bones: A Plea for Tibet," a modern
dance and audio documentary telling the story of the crushing oppression
suffered by Tibetans under the hands of the Chinese government.

The show will also feature speakers such as Tibetan exile Ngawang Losel
sharing his personal story of crossing the Himalayas on foot into exile as a
teenager, and the many years he spent isolated from his family in a Tibetan
Refugee School in India.

Learning about other cultures through the arts is a step towards
cultivating compassion and respect for diverse societies. This event is
designed to offer children and adults a window of understanding into Tibetan
culture and the current situation in Tibet and China.

Proceeds will benefit Tibetan Children's Villages and Losel's Project
Giving Justice, both of which support children at Tibetan Refugee Schools in
India. In the lobby will be educational exhibits about Tibet and action
tables sharing ways that adults and children alike can help be a part of the
solution. More Than Warmth -- Stitching Quilts, Creating Compassion -- will
have an exhibit in which participants can create drawings and visual
messages of friendship and caring on quilts to be sent to Tibetan children.

For more info:

One Human Race 4 Justice



Blue Moves Modern Dance Company


Global Education Center



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