Saturday, May 3, 2008

JwJ Marches for Economic Justice

National Jobs with Justice conference participants joined RI
Jobs with Justice and allies in holding the line in Rhode
Island. While the country teeters on the brink of recession,
Rhode Island is already in economic crisis. RI's anti-worker,
anti-immigrant governor is making this crisis worse by trying to
balance the state's financial troubles on the backs of working
families by cutting programs, cutting pensions, promoting massive
layoffs and attacking immigrants.

They told Governor Carcieri that we won't stand for balancing
the budget on the backs of RI's working class. We stood up for a
vision of the future that protects and promotes the dignity of
all residents and honors and respects hard work. We will demand
tax and budget reform, funding for the programs and staffing
that make RI work for workers, and immigrant justice!

Check out video from the action on youtube and stay tuned in the
next few weeks to find out more about what happened at the


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