Saturday, March 8, 2008

FNB National Gathering in Nashville

Food Not Bombs Nat'l Gathering
March 28,29,30
312 South 11th Street

The national Food Not Bombs gathering is happening in Nashville this year. The dates are set at March 28-30th. We are inviting anyone that does FNB or believes in its mission to come party with is in the dirty south. There is an admittedly loose agenda; no big business to discuss, but really getting to know each other and building community with the people that share the same ethics and with whom we could potentially be working with on similarly-focused projects as the election rolls around. It's time to start turning up the heat nationally and make our presence known.

There will be time for us all to swap recipes, screen print shirts and patches, have free school classes on any skills people are willing to share, an unpermitted parade around the mayor's office to raise homeless awareness and scare the bejesus out of the rich folks, have a huge food sharing with the community, and whatever else happens when lots of fun people get together in a strange city with lots of honky tonks and whiskey.

We have plenty of accommodations for anyone who comes out. Lots of sleeping room and camping room. Bringing tents and sleeping bags would be wise, but it should be warm enough for everyone to be comfortable without 5 layers on. Indoor room is widely available, but if we have over a few hundred people, we will have to start camping. There will be plenty of food of course. We have several reliable resources we could tap into for all that. Also i can't recommend enough starting an account on where you have access to 1000+ people in Nashville that allow people to crash on their couches when traveling through.

Specifically, the addresses are 918 Ward Street, Nashville, TN 37207 and 312 South 11th street, Nashville, TN 37206


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