Friday, March 7, 2008

Commentary from Grant Houston

How can we accurately calculate the cost of eight years of an arrogantly ignorant leadership in Washington? As an international power-broker the U.S. is nearly irrelevant, the almighty dollar is just another falling currency, the current tax-rebate "stimulus" is only another huge high-interest loan from communist China, OPEC ignores our president's plea for moderation allowing fuel costs to soar beyond our capacity to pay, home equity has fallen to below post World War II levels, American's continue to die for an Iraq leadership that conoodles with Iran at an eventual cost of three trillion dollars, the "other war" in Afghanistan is slipping away, Americans are running to Mexico to find medical care, and now our crown jewel space program falls into a five year dependency on Russia as China develops the capacity to shoot down our spy satellites. Even in our own "back yard," ie., South America, nations simply thumb their noses at our interests. It might also be noted that Osama bin Laden is still alive and well, as far as we know. So how are "conservative" values looking now? Are we ready for four more years of McBush policies? Or are we ready to redeem ourselves with a truly new direction for our nation? Have we had enough?

Grant Houston


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