Sunday, December 16, 2007

Lugo Condemns Media Consolidation

US Senate Candidate Chris Lugo Condemns Media Consolidation Proposal

Nashville, TN: US Senate Candidate Chris Lugo issued a release today condemning the Media Consolidation Proposal currently under review by the Federal Communications Commission. The proposal, which would broaden ownership rules for major media corporations, would allow the same corporation to own major television and newspaper outlets in the same market. "What we need is greater diversity in the media market," Lugo said, "not more uniformity. This proposal would further consolidate the power of major media corporations and would lead to less information and fewer resources for media consumers. We all stand to lose if this proposal is supported by the FCC."

Currently, media corporations are prohibited from owning both major television and newspaper outlets in the same market, but under the proposed new rule changes under consideration by the FCC this rule could change so that, for instance, the same corporation could own the Tennessean and a major corporate television outlet such as NewsChannel Five (CBS). "These proposals would lead to diminished diversity of information," Lugo said, "What we have here is a consolidation of information as entertainment designed to appeal to the lowest common denominator and to increase corporate profits at the expense of our communities."

Chris Lugo supports the efforts of Free Press and local advocates opposed to media consolidation such as Radio Free Nashville. "While community media languishes, with the FCC exercising broad control over low power fm licensing, at the same time FCC Chairman Kevin Martin is bending over backwards to give more money and more power to corporate media outlets, and in the process ignoring hundreds of thousands of emails, phone calls and letters of protest in opposition to this proposal," Lugo said, "It is clear to me that there needs to be a changing of the guard at the FCC."

Chris Lugo is a candidate for the US Senate in Tennessee. In 2006 Lugo ran as the Green Party of Tennessee candidate against Harold Ford Jr. and Bob Corker. Lugo has not decided yet whether he will be seeking the Green Party or Democratic Party nomination, but he has actively launched his campaign for US Senate with the publication of his online campaign website and numerous public appearances since October of 2007. For more information please visit

Chris Lugo for US Senate
9 Music Sq So #164
Nashville, TN 37203


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