Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Food Not Bombs Threatend with Arrest

Group Threated by Police for Serving Homeless over Thanksgiving

Nashville, TN: Participants in the Nashville chapter of public meal advocacy group Food Not Bombs were detained and threatened with arrest on Sunday, November 25 at approximately 3pm as metro police found the group sharing leftovers from their picnic with a few homeless downtown residents near the main branch public library.

The group has been having picnics in public space to raise awareness about vegetarianism, food waste, and free expression every Sunday for the past seven years. This is the latest of many such confrontations with metro officials involving helping members of the homeless community, including Walter Hunt's recent anti-panhandling and busking ordinance proposal in City Council and numerous arrests of homeless persons for a variety of capital offenses such as sleeping outside and being visible.


for more information contact:
Nate Cougill
(615) 406-2076


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