Monday, October 1, 2007

War Resister Faces Deportation

On Monday, October 1, U.S. Iraq War resister Robin Long was arrested in
Nelson, B.C.. He was taken to the police station and detained. On
Tuesday, he was flown to Vancouver, where the authorities intend to bring
him to the border and hand him over to the Americans.

Robin came to Canada in 2005 to seek sanctuary after leaving the US Army
because of his opposition to the Iraq War. He and his Canadian partner
have a year-old little boy, also a Canadian. Robin was denied refugee
status last year. He was not permitted to argue that the Iraq War is
illegal, even though his decision to come to Canada was largely
motivated by that conviction.

Robin Long may be deported because he refused to kill or risk his life in
a war of aggression. A similar case is being appealed to the Supreme
Court. No war resister should be deported from Canada until the Supreme
Court has decided on these cases!

Robin would be the first U.S. Iraq War resister to be returned to the U.S.
by the Canadian government.


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