Friday, October 26, 2007

Smithfield Sues Jobs with Justice

Smithfield Foods has filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit against Jobs With Justice, the Change To Win (CTW) labor federation, and the union organizing its employees in Tar Heel, NC, the United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW). The suit is being filed under the RICO statute designed to fight organized crime. The baseless suit is in response to the growing national campaign to support workers' rights at Smithfield.

The company's RICO suit is ironic given the well documented
violations of state and federal law that the company has been
found in violation of. It seeks to stop all such campaigns in
the future and is a clear violation of the constitutional rights
of all supporters of workers' rights.

Jobs with Justice is proud to stand with the workers of Tar
Heel, their union the UFCW, Change To Win and the many other
religious, community and labor organizations supporting this
important fight. We pledge to redouble our efforts to achieve
justice at Smithfield. We call on all people of good will to
join us in demanding that Smithfield drop this suit and begin
negotiations with the union to ensure that the voices of their
employees are heard and that their right to form a union is

The workers in Tar Heel are organizing and growing stronger.
Jobs with Justice and all of our allies will continue to support
those workers until they have a voice at work and justice on the

Read more about what Jobs with Justice has been doing to support
the campaign for Justice at Smithfield in our newsletters from
September, July , and April newsletters. Read a statement from
the UFCW at:


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