Sunday, October 28, 2007

Report on October 27th Jonesborough Protest

Today my wife and I went a few miles up the road to show support for the ant-war and anti DU protest in Jonesboro, Tn. When we got their one of the people running the event, Chris Lugo who is a candidate for the Senate asked me to give a opening invocation as a Native American. I also asked to speak for a minute or two later in the program. It was a great event, even getting people participating to chant USA with the hecklers outside the police lines. Chris spoke with words of wisdom which echoed what he said last election. Thanks Chris, hope you get elected on your peace platform. A couple of people spoke about DU and it's effects. One was a PhD. In Nuclear physics. The other was a Iraq veteran with DU related illness. We were treated to music from a folk singer/songwriter and a Celtic singer. The I was allowed to speak for a couple if minutes.

My small speech went something like this.

I stand before you as a retired Navy man, Seneca, US and World citizen. I can tell you about the Great Law of Peace which was the model for your Constitution for we gave that to you. I am sorrowful that this great form of government which well not perfect was a great beginning. I now stand before you and ask your help in restoring the Constitution. Bush, Chaney, Rice and many others have either actively torn it down and assumed powers it did not give them or stood by and said nothing allowing it to happen. The Constitution with it's guarantees is no more today I am sorry to say,

Replace those who stand between us and the Document called The Constitution of the United States. Then I asked everyone to take a stand. IMPECH Bush, Chaney, Rumsfeld, Rice and whoever helped them overthrow the government or who allowed them to do so. Impeach all of them for War Crimes, Crimes Against Humanity and Treason.

I was followed by many other people who spoke out against the war or for impeachment. Probably the best was a woman from the National Storytellers Association who told the story of how the women of Athens ended the war with Troy. Basically standing in front of the treasury and not allowing the men to draw money to keep the war going and denying the men the company of women until they quit fighting. That brought the war to a quick close. Laura Bush are you listening?

She was followed by more music and then the closing prayer. Jean and I did not participate in the march to Aero-Jets plant because she is recovering from a broken hip and can't walk five miles yet. I did not march because I am recovering from open heart surgery and inplanting of a pacemaker/defibrillator. However our prayers went with those who marched.

Robert N Smith USN Ret
FOAVC of TN State Director


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