Saturday, October 27, 2007

Report from Sheila Carpenter on Jonesborough

Like to talk to ya’ll about this day in East Tennessee. We had ourselves a protest. Yes, right here in Jonesboro. A heckler was so sure that it couldn’t be anyone from area that the lone man carrying a flag keep saying go home , leave Jonesboro. Now it looked like he thought none from here would dare question the government or any action that they where told needed to be done. After they tried in every way they could to drown out the speakers, even the music a few more showed up. What does that say for a free thinking people?

These upstanding people called in a death threat. I thought that American men and women had fought and died for my right to question. Even this minute fighting because these people we are fighting hate our freedom. Was I wrong? What is free speech if not to protect us from harm when we dare disagree. These people that they were telling to get out of town were there to protect them. You may disagree but you have to know their heart. Even after they were treated so bad they still stood up for these rude people.

Have we come to a place in this world were we are afraid of anyone who thinks different? Why do we feel that it is all right to treat people this way and in our own home.

Then I watched the news, what , no pictures of the 100 (- or +) a few. Why? Do they have something to hide? They dug through my purse like he was looking for a pen, telling me it was for my good that we had a threat. A threat from someone that thought it was alright to KILL an AMERICAN because we disagree. Anger as we all know is really fear. Why would anyone be afraid of a bunch of hippies that don’t have their facts right anyway, right? I mean we are crazy and who would pay attention anyway? Could it be that they knew how it would look? And if so why would they be soo careful not to show it? We have free press don’t we?

They interviewed a woman that had a son in Iraq. I would like to thank her. I can’t even begin to know how she must feel. Freedom isn’t free. And the ones on the line pay in many ways. I want to make sure that price isn’t payed without just cause. And a big AND that they get any help they need returning home.
I would like to thank all that came to Jonesboro to protect my family on both sides by standing brave and strong . Not all Tennesseans feel the same. This is what domocracy looks like.


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