Thursday, October 4, 2007

Local Discussion on Jena 6 Monday

The next meeting of TAP's Progressive Thought Discussion Group will be this Monday, October 8th, 7 to 8:30 pm at the Eastwood Christian Church, 16th Street and Eastland Avenue in East Nashville. The subject will be racism in America. Keith Caldwell of the newly-formed Urban Epicenter, based in North Nashville, will be joining us to talk about organizing and attending the Jena 6 demonstration in Jena, Louisiana.

Ten busloads of people from Nashville went to Louisiana for the demonstration. The questions we will touch on include: Why are the Jena 6 students important to the struggle against racism in America today? Why did the black community rally around the Jena 6? Why has the case received much less publicity in the white community? How does racism play out today in our criminal justice system? In our health care system? In our education system? How can the black, immigrant and white communities come together to create a society free of racism and prejudice? What is white privilege and what can whites do to overcome racism in our society?

All are welcome to join this provocative discussion. Please RSVP.

To see blogs from past discussions, please go to Check out the great TAP Bookshop on our website where you can purchase ANY book and TAP will receive a small commission. TAP relies on donations from visionaries like you to do our work. You can make a safe online donation at the website or send a check to TAP, PO Box 60338, Nashville, TN 37206. You can also make a donation to TAP via Community Shares in your workplace giving campaign. Thanks for your support!


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