Wednesday, September 19, 2007

WRFN Benefit October 6th

Joel Higgins of "Nashville Fire" Mondays 6-7pm has put together a benefit for RFN at the Boro in Murfreesboro on October 6th with six bands. Attached please find a flyer for the show. All of you in or near Murfreesboro please print some out and plaster the town. The rest of you can do Nashville, write articles, call friends or whatever. This is very important as the station's financial resources are dangerrously low at the moment. We seriously need you all to step up!

Remember, all are required to do volunteer hours and helping to
promote this show counts toward your quota. Pleae do all you can and
try to attend if possible. Every little bit helps. Each band has
promised 100 fans so we could really make a lot of $$ that would allow
us to pay some bills and upgrade equipment.

Special thanks to Joel for all his hard work toward this goal.

Greg Welsch
General Manager
WRFN-LP 98.9 Radio Free Nashville
(615) 500-3909


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