Wednesday, September 19, 2007

UNA Hosts Millennium Seminar

This Thursday, September 20th, at 4:30 p.m. we have a UNA Seminar with Mary Pat Silveira speaking on "The United Nations Millennium Development Goals: What they are and what we can do about them." We are very pleased to have one of our Board members, Mary Pat Silveira, a former and returning Nashvillian who recently retired after 30 years of service at the UN, present this topic. Please see her biography summary below. The seminar is at the Nashville Peace and Justice Center, 1016 18th Avenue South.

Mary Pat Silveira recently retired from the United Nations and is currently
working as a consultant on issues related to sustainable development, public
policy and international organizations.

Ms. Silveira joined the United Nations in 1977, working on development policy
issues and as editor of the Advance Technology Assessment System (ATAS) in the
Centre for Science and Technology for Development. From 1985 through 1987 she
worked in Maputo as coordinator of the emergency response programme in
Mozambique and, upon her return to New York, became actively engaged in the
Rio process. She joined the new Division for Sustainable Development upon its
creation in early 1993.

In 1999, she participated in the UN Mission in Kosovo where she served as
acting Administrator of the region of Mitrovica. The following year Ms.
Silveira moved to the UN Regional Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) in
Geneva, where she was responsible for the “Environment for Europe”
process, the Environmental Performance Reviews of countries-in-transition and
the regional contributions to the World Summit on Sustainable Development.

In late 2004, Ms. Silveira was asked to return to the UN Division for
Sustainable Development in New York as Chief of the National Information,
Monitoring and Outreach Branch. Prominent among her responsibilities was
furthering the work on national sustainable development strategies and
indicators for sustainable development.

Ms. Silveira completed her doctoral studies in international relations at the
University of California, Berkeley and has published a number of books and
articles on international relations, public policy and sustainable


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