Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Iraqi War Deaths: Week of Sept 2nd - 8th

Those who died in Iraq from Sep 2 to 8:

Sgt Kevin Gilbertson 24 Cedar Rapids IA
Spc Christopher Patton 21 Lawrenceville GA
Sgt Delmar White 37 Wallins KY
Pvt Randol Shelton 22 Schiller Park IL
Spc David Lane 20 Emporia KS
Sgt Joel Murray 26 Kansas City MO
Spc Rodney Johnson 20 Houston TX
Spc Keith Nurnberg 26 McHenry IL
Pvt Dane Balcon 19 Colorado Springs CO
Cpl William Warford 24 Temple TX

Sgt David Cooper Jr 36 State College PA
Sgt Eddie Collins England
Sgt Michael Yarbrough 24 Malvern AR
Sgt John Stock 26 Longview TX
Cpl Brian Scripsick 22 Wayne OK
Cpl Christopher Poole Jr 22 Mount Dora FL
Sgt Lee Wilson 30 Chapel Hill NC
Spc Jason Hernandez 21 Streetsboro OH
Spc Thomas Hilbert 20 Venus TX
Cap Drew Jensen 27 Clackamas CA
Spc Marisol Heredia 19 El Monte CA
Cpl Ryan Woodward 22 Fort Wayne IN

47 were seriously wounded and maimed.
58 wounded were returned to occupation.

256 Iraqi sisters and brothers were killed.

Cf: www.icasualties.org


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