Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Iraqi War Deaths: Week of Aug26th - Sep1st

Those who died in Iraq from Aug 26 to Sep 1:

Cpl Matthew Medlicott 21 Houston TX
Cpl Rogelio Ramirez 21 Pasadena CA
Spc Tracy Willis 21 Marshall TX
Sgt Joshua Morley 22 Boise ID
Sgt James Collins Jr 35 Rochester Hills MI
Cap Erick Foster 29 Wexford PA
Cpl John Tanner 21 Columbus GA
Spc Edward Brooks 25 Dayton OH
Sgt Andrew Nelson 22 Moorhead MN
Pvt Justin Sanders 22 Watson LA
Spc Travis Virgadamo 19 Las Vegas NV
Sgt Jason Butkus 34 West Milford NJ
Sgt Daniel Scheibner 40 Muskegon MI

89 were seriously wounded and maimed.
67 were returned to kill fields.

306 Iraqi sisters and brothers were killed.

To date 81 US troops have been killed in
Afghanistan this year.
61 women have been killed by hostile fire
in Iraq since March 2003.

Cf: icasualties.org


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