Friday, August 3, 2007

WMD's in Tennessee

Code Pink Raging Grannies for Peace will join with the
Nashville Peace Coalition and other concerned citizens
to gather in front of Senators Alexander and Corker's
offices in Nashville near West End and Murphy Road
Monday, August 6, 2007 at 5:00PM to 7:00PM in memory
of the thousands killed and injured in the August 6,
1945 attack, and to protest the Bush administration' s
expansion of nuclear weapons.

As the administration demonizes Iran for wanting to
develop nuclear capability, the US continues to
violate the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty in a
dangerous and illegal development and use of atomic
weapons, depleted uranium as one example. The
Department Of Energy plans a 2 billion dollar
expansion of the Y12 nuclear plant in Oak Ridge that
will build the new Reliable Replacement Warhead, an
advanced nuclear weapon.

DOE will soon announce a public hearing in Oak Ridge
and the comment period will be brief--30 days. DOE
says they want to issue the final Environmental Impact
Statement in September and a Record of Decision in
October. The Draft EIS is a critically important
chance for citizens to exert pressure on DOE to
abandon the plans for a new bomb plant and to honor
the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty. Watch for
information as it comes in and check out

"It is hypocritical of our government to continue to
threaten Iran with bombs," says Granny Marilyn Harris,
"while that country has stayed within the agreements
of the nonproliferation treaty."
Ms.Harris continues, "Even though Iran's leader
responds wildly to those threats, the American and
Iranian people want peace. Diplomacy takes patience
and hard work."

Everyone is invited to join the demonstration this
Monday in front of the building at Murphy Road and
West End near the I-440 exit. Parking is available in
the area.


Save our Earth:

Red Tree Woman " .. we are all related"

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