Friday, August 17, 2007

Sewanee Vigil to End the War

End the Iraq Occupation Vigil Scheduled

A silent vigil calling for an end to the Iraq occupation is scheduled for Friday, August 17, at 4:30 pm, on the corner of University Avenue and Highway 41A. Organized by the End the Iraq Occupation committee of CCJP, the vigil is being held in conjunction with the Third Fridays Iraq Moratorium, a national movement to set aside the third Friday of every month to demonstrate opposition to the Iraq War. Participants should gather in the Sewanee Gardener’ Market lot at the corner of Highway 41A and Hawkins Lane. If possible, wear black and bring a sign expressing your opposition to the war.

In September, Congress will face a decision on funding another year of war. Twenty-three people participated in the first vigil on July 20, including Glenda Clark of Tullahoma, mother of a returning Iraq War veteran. Your presence will make a powerful statement, and encourage others to be brave and take a stand. Please join us!


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