Monday, August 13, 2007

An Open Letter to Christians

Today I wish to talk about progressives and Christians. I don’t know why the Christian community is following something so against the principles of the religious teachings. I am not a Christian as my Grandmother taught me to give honor to all the revelers. However she also taught me to follow my own inner guidance and give honor to the Great Mystery in my own way. I do follow the teachings of Yesha bar Yusef in my own way. To begin with I follow the Great law of Peace. Seems he who is called Anointed had many of the same ideas. He said blessed be the peacemakers, and the so called Christians support the war mongers. Why? He said do not store up treasures for your self on earth. Yet the so called Christians support a party whose primary thrust is more. You can not be the slave both of God and money. Which way is Christian? You decide.

I believe that we were put here to be caretakers of the Earth not to use it all for greed. So does your story of Genesis. I believe we have to take care of the least among us. Seems your founder had much the same idea. I believe we have to think of the world as our inheritance and the inheritance of the next seven generations. That means learning to respect every man woman and child. Governments are given to protect us to help resolve difference among us and to do things we as individuals can’t do for our self. To do things such as build roads and bridges and hospitals and parks. Things that is needed but not profitable. For these things do they collect taxes. Everyone should pay their fair share of taxes not because they can but because everyone benefits from the taxes collected. I also believe that public service is a privilege, one that means just that. Public Service should be not a contradiction in terms. Too many of our politicians service is just a way to get power or money. A politician who only has one note is suspect. Unless he serves people, she’s not doing the job she was hired to do.

Bob Smith (Big Tree)
us dii dada dv ni

WE are all related - Cherokee


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