Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Iraqi War Deaths: Week of August 5th-11th

Those who died in Iraq from Aug 5 to 11:

Spc Daniel Reyes 25 SanDiego CA
Sgt Bradley Marshall 37 Little Rock AR
Spc Charles Leonard Jr 29 Monroe LA
Sgt Joey Link 29 Portland TN
Spc Justin Blackwell 27 Paris TN
Pvt Jeremy Bohannon 18 Bon Aqua TN
Spc Kareem Khan 20 Manahawkin NJ
Cpl Juan Alcantara 22 New York
Sgt Nicholas Gummersall 23 Chubbuck ID
Sgt Jacob Thompson 26 No Mankato MN
Spc Christopher Neiberger 22 Gainesville FL
Pvt Craig Barber 20 Ogmore Vale UK
Sgt Jon Bonnell Jr 22 Fort Dodge IA
Air Martin Beard 20 Rainworth UK
Cpl Reynold Armand 21 Rochester NY

Spc Donald Young Helena MT
Sgt Michael Tayaotao 27 Sunnyvale CA
Cpl Chris Casey 27 London UK
Cpl Kirk Redbath 22 Romford UK
Sgt Joan Duran 24 Roxbury MA
Pvt William Edwards 23 Houston TX
Spc Justin Penrod 24 Danville IL

87 were seriously wounded and maimed.
88 wounded were returned to kill fields.

420 Iraqi sisters and brothers wee killed.

Cf: www.icasualties.org

Cpl Chris Casey


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