Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Genocide Awareness Project at MTSU

The Genocide Awareness Project, a group that compares the genocides of
the Holocaust, Rwanda, the Killing Fields, etc. with abortion will be
making a visit to MTSU and UTK in September. They will be at MTSU
September 10th and 11th from 9-4 on the knoll and at UTK the 13th and

The GAP, affiliated with Center for Bio-ethical Reform, uses religious
ideology and graphic images instead of rational debate. While many
students at these universities oppose GAP's aruguement, because of
free speech, we feel it's better to counter with speech than try to
ban the group. Vox: Voices of Planned Parenthood of MTSU does plan to
counter their demonstration with rational and accurate information.
(The UTK Vox may be doing something as well). If you are interested
in countering GAP at MTSU and are coming from off campus, then let me



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