Monday, July 16, 2007

Nashville Protests Bush Visit

Nashville Peace Coalition Plans Rally Thursday at Two Locations

(7/18/07) Nashville, TN: The Nashville Peace Coalition is planning a
rally this Thursday at two locations to protest the policies of
President Bush as he visits Music City. The first rally, which will
be held at the intersection of Sidco Dr and Armory Dr, will begin at
10:00am and continue for one hour. The second rally will be held at
the intersection of Music Valley Dr. and McGavock Pike at the
entrance to Opryland and is scheduled to begin at 11:30am and last
for approximately one hour. Both protests are scheduled to coincide
with the President's visit to the Nashville Bun factory and the
Opryland respectively.

"We are planning to gather to protest the horrendous policies of the
Bush administration and to call for the troops to come home," said
Nini Thomas of the Peace Coalition, "It is clear that the majority of
Americans are against the war and it is only a matter of time before
the President must face up to the fact that this war has been a

"We need more people to get involved," said Eric Schecter of the
Nashville Peace Coalition, "Most of the country is opposed to the war
but not doing anything about it. We need more people to join the
peace movement and be active rather than just sitting on the
sidelines. Most people are in agreement with us."

The Nashville Peace Coalition, which is a project of the Nashville
Peace and Justice Center, represents a diverse representation of
peace groups in the middle Tennessee area including Vets for Peace,
Peace Roots Alliance as well as concerned individuals. The Peace
Coalition has been organizing rallies against the war and for peace
since 2002.

For more information contact:

Nashville Peace Coalition
c/o Nashville Peace and Justice Center
1016 18th Ave So
Nashville, TN 37203


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