Sunday, July 8, 2007

Commentary: Pay Raise

A judge appointed by George Bush has a debt of appreciation to George
Bush, and it is a conflict of interest to hear a civil or criminal case
against George Bush. The Bush appointees who dismissed the warrantless
wire-tapping lawsuit committed high misfeasance and must be impeached.

More government recklessness appears in the $550 billion Defense
appropriation. Bush's proposed 2008 budget has a couple hundred billions
dollars deficit, to be piled onto the eight $trillion debt. As the money
supply is inflated next year to accommodate the needed borrowing, and
those without COLAs struggle to cope with the rising costs of living,
Congress, which enjoys automatic Cost of Living Adjustments, will have a
nice pay raise, for voting this year to appropriate for war, $550 billion
which the government does not have.

- Jean G. Braun


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