Saturday, July 21, 2007

Anti-Nuclear Activist Murdered In Russia

Today, one activist (Ilya Borodaenko) was murdered and several others seriously wounded in Angarsk, Russia, the hometown for International Center for Uranium Enrichment (ICEU). We deeply grieve about this tragedy and urge local authorities to put all possible efforts to identify and punish the criminals responsible for the murder.

According to Ecodefense's own investigation, based on various information
sources including statements from wounded activists, the deadly attack was conducted by15-20 Nazis (or activists of fascist organizations) who came to Angarsk from two other cities. Last week, a group of 10-12 Russian anarchists and anti-fascists established a camp in Angarsk as a symbol of protest to the ICEU. It is our belief (shared by wounded anti-fascists) that the attack was not in any way related to the protest and nuclear issues. It was based on Nazis' abhorrence for anti-fascists.

Local police questioned the remaining campers for the entire day today and asked them to leave Angarsk (all of them came from other cities), saying security can not be guaranteed in the future. It is not clear right now if they will leave or stay but all of their camping gear was taken away by police. The local police already have announced that they have caught six suspects. Even if the evidence about Nazis is clear, the police are trying to scale down the tragedy and said the attackers were not with any political organization,
just ordinary hooligans and vandals. This is why we remain deeply skeptical that arrested suspects are really connected.

Additionally, several Russian environmental groups were planning to set up a National anti-nuclear camp near Angarsk on July 26. Organizers predicted it will attract up to 100 participants. It is not clear right now whether it will happen or not. Official statement is yet to come.

This tragedy is absolutely shocking and creates great concern over the incompetence of local authorities to control situation. Taking into account that Russian authorities are putting efforts to establish ICEU in Angarsk, the tragedy poses a very important question- if security for people can not be guaranteed even by the police, how can it be guaranteedfor the uranium enrichment facility and nuclear materials?

For more information:
+7(985)7766281 or (903)2997584, Vladimir Slivyak


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