Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Movement Vision Project June 19th

TAP's Movement Vision meeting on June 19th

Many progressive organizations and activists tend to focus on short-term tactics rather than long-term goals. Often, our work is mainly defensive -- stopping bad situations from getting worse. And when we are proactive, we're often pushing a very narrow agenda - what we think we can get rather than what we really want. It's clear we know what we're against, but not necessarily what we're for.

The Movement Vision Project is provoking conversations about long-term goals and ideas among grassroots leaders and advocates for social justice across the United States. What are our bold ideas for the future of the United States and the world? How do they differ from -- or even conflict with -- the agendas we're publicly advocating today? How do we ensure our work builds towards the future we want tomorrow?

Many bold, inspiring and provocative ideas have come out of the 160 leaders of social justice organizations that Sally Kohn has interviewed. She will be sharing these ideas with us and leading us in a vibrant debate and dialogue, leading to more new ideas and forward thinking.

For more information, see attached description of the Movement Vision Project and go to www.tennesseeallianceforprogress.org

Tennessee Alliance for Progress presents
Vision = Movement = CHANGE
A briefing on the Movement Vision Project
with Sally Kohn of the Center for Community Change
Tuesday, June 19th, 7-9 PM
West End United Methodist Church
2200 West End Avenue, Nashville
Free and Open to the Public
Please RSVP


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