Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Iraqi War Deaths: June 3rd-9th

Those who died in Iraq from Jun 3 to 9:

Sgt Dariek Dehn 32 Spangle WA
Pvt Joshua Brown 26 Tampa FL
Sgt Kimel Watt 21 Brooklyn NY
Sgt Robert Surber 24 Inverness FL
Sgt Tyler Kritz 21 Eagle River WI
Sgt James Akin 23 Albuquerque NM
Sgt Greg Gagarin 38 Los Angeles CA
Sgt Caleb Christopher 25 Chandler AZ
Pvt Justin Verdeja 20 LaPuente CA
Sgt Andrew Higgins 28 Hayward CA
Sgt Ryan Balmer 33 Mishawaka IN

Sgt Matthew Kuglics 25 No Canton OH
Sgt Timothy Cole Jr 28 Missouri City TX
Sgt Matthew Soper 25
Pvt Shawn Gajdos 25 Grand Rapids MI
Sgt Greg Sutton 38 Spring Lake NC
Cpl Rodney Wilson 30 England
Air William Newman 23 Kingston Springs TN
Sgt Cory Endlich 23 Massillon OH
Pvt Scott Miller 20 Casper WY
Air Eric Barnes 20 Lorain OH

Over 600 were wounded each of the last 3 months.

463 Iraqis were killed in the last week.

Cf: www.icasualties.org


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