Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Free Paul House Press Conference

Free Paul House Press Conference Thursday!

At 9AM Thursday June 21, 2007 in Room 30 in the Legislative Plaza at the Tennessee State Capitol, Representative Mike Turner will be holding a press conference to ask Governor Bredesen to grant a full pardon to Paul House. At the press conference Rep. Turner will present a bipartisan letter signed by more than 25 members of the legislature calling on Gov. Bredesen to free House.

For the past 22 years the state of Tennessee has incarcerated an innocent man—furthermore House has a progressive form of Multiple Sclerosis and is receiving minimal medical treatment. This press conference is a fantastic opportunity for our Nashville TCASK activists to show your support to our fair minded legislatures, Joyce House (Paul’s mother), and of course TCASK! At the press conference, we will be selling our amazing “Free Paul House” t-shirts for $10 as we want to give the media there a fantastic image to take home with them—that residents of Nashville are activated and passionate to give Paul House the freedom he so desperately deserves. So we encourage all of you to come out, bring a friend, bring whomever, and show Governor Bredesen that he must take action and grant full pardon to Paul Gregory House.

Email us if you have any questions about the press conference. Also, if you haven't already, please call your state legislatures and urge them to attend Thursday's press conference. See you on Thursday in Room 30 at the Legislative Plaza at 9:00 AM. For a list of the letter signers click HERE, and a view of the letter itself can be found HERE.

Keep up with TCASK organizing on the TCASK Blog - tcask: on the road to abolition - a typically good entry can be found at: http://tcask.blogspot.com/2007/06/guilty-until-proven-innocent.html and includes: Petersen spent 17 years in prison for a rape and murder that he did not commit. Finally DNA evidence proved him not guilty, but now he's still fighting to get the state to acknowledge that he is innocent, despite New Jersey's admission that he is no longer guilty of the crime...Check it out today!

Stacy Rector

Executive Director
Tennessee Coalition to Abolish State Killing
PO Box 120552
Nashville, TN 37212


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